• Organised by Zagreb Film Festival, which was trusted with the cinema management in 2008, next to the regular annual cinema program (which every year, in association with other local distributers, includes around 80 select film titles), the following programs and activities are implemented and organised:

    Zagreb Film Festival

    For more than a decade one of the most important Croatian film festivals shows its audience the latest and most interesting titles of debut creative cinema. It takes place every year at several locations around Zagreb (Europa and Tuškanac cinemas, Zagreb Dance Centre, Dokukino, Museum of Contemporary Art, Academy of Dramatic Art etc.). The cinema Europa screens the main competition and film screenings for children – Bib for Kids.

    Film distribution

    Zagreb Film Festival is also one of the leading distributers of top-rated independent European and world cinema in Croatia. Throughout the year it regularly releases around 10 select film titles.

    KinoKino - International Film Festival for Children

    The organisational and creative team of Zagreb Film Festival has launched the making of an International Film Festival for Children – KinoKino. KinoKino Festival’s premiere edition was in March 2016. The film program comprise around 30 international fiction films for children up to the age of 14, including recent features and shorts, and several special programs including also film classics for children.

    Bib for Kids Cinema

    This film program is intended for children and young people, including regular and free screenings throughout the entire year at the Cinema Europa. It sprang from Zagreb Film Festival’s very popular namesake category which has for years been presenting the youngest audience with recent European and global independent film titles.


    Month after month, Kinolektira has been bringing timeless film classics to Cinema Europa's silver screen, the films you saw many years or even decades ago, films that marked your life and that you keep coming back to, and perhaps even the films you never saw before (but are embarrassed to admit). As part of Kinolektira, we have thus far screened the following film classics: 'Taxi Driver', 'Dr. Strangelove', 'The Wizard of Oz', 'It's a Wonderful Life'Trainspotting''H-8...'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington''Wild at Heart', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', 'Night of the Living Dead', 'Fargo', 'Run, Lola, Run', 'Rondo' 'Fanny and Alexander' and 'Hair'.

    Matinees for senior citizens

    This regular film program intended for senior citizens is organised in association with the Third Age University. Film screenings of award-winning European and Croatian art films are held once a month, and accompanied with an introduction by renowned film critics or conversation with the film authors.

    Subtitled Tuesdays 

    Since the beginning of 2015 Tuesdays are reserved for film screenings with English subtitles! A screening program with bilingual (Croatian and English) subtitles is a response to the growing needs of our foreign audience. Every Tuesday (unless the film is already in English) one of the regularly listed films is screened with English subtitles, along with the usual Croatian ones.


    The programme 'Phil(m)harmonics' is intended fot all film lovers who enjoy classical music. Every year this program features one carefully chosen cult silent film, screened with Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra's musical accompaniment. So far the Phil(m)harmonics screened the following classic movies: ‘Nosferatu’ by F.W. Murnau, ‘Battleship Potemkin’ by S. Eisenstein, ‘The General’ by B. Keaton, ‘The Kid’ and ‘Circus’ by C. Chaplin) at a total of 35 screenings seen by over 10 thousand people! We have also screened two short comedies from the beginning of the great Charlie Chaplin's career - 'A Dog's Life' and 'The Idle Class'. The latest film title performed as part of Phil(m)harmonics is the legendary slapstick comedy 'Safety Last!' by Harold Lloyd. The programme is organised by the artistic organisation Zagreb Film Festival in cooperation with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Venice in Zagreb 

    In association with the Italian Institute of Culture in Zagreb and Venice Film Festival (the Mostra), every year the Cinema Europa presents a selection of films from one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world – the Italian Mostra!

    Czech Film Week 

    One of the most popular film programmes at the Cinema Europa, every year featuring carefully chosen contemporary Czech hit movies!

    In case you missed!

    Summer film program is making it possible for the Zagreb audience to see the titles they missed in the previous season or simply check out their favourite movie once again.