• 19.veljača

    Subtitled Tuesday 'Mali'

    On February 19, our regular screening program 'Subtitled Tuesday' (with English subtitles included) will present the Croatian crime drama 'Mali' directed by Antonio Nuić. Screening starts at 7:20 p. m.


    Four years in prison haven't changed Franjo. He was, and remains, a drug dealer. His wife is dying, and her parents are trying to present him as an incompetent parent in order to take away the custody over his son, Mali. However, Mali loves his father, and wants to live with him. Franjo's parenting methods are unconventional, but he has no intention of explaining himself to anybody. And he won't let anybody take his son away from him. For his 40th birthday, Franjo will receive two gifts that could solve all his problems. The film won the Grand Golden Arena for Best Film at the Pula Film Festival.