• 13.ožujak

    Subtitled Tuesday: 'The Divine Order'

    On March 13, our regular screening program 'Subtitled Tuesday' (with English subtitles included) will present the acclaimed second-wave feminist comedy 'The Divine Order' (2017), directed by Swiss director Petra Volpe. Screening starts at 7 p. m.


    A light-hearted drama about the fear of change and struggle for equality. Political and religious leaders in Switzerland cited “the divine order” as their ground for not giving women the right to vote even in the 1970s. Director Petra Volpe explores this incredible historical event through the story of Nora, an unremarkable housewife from a little village, who needs to learn how to become a tough leader of the local suffragettes. When she organizes a village meeting seeking for endorsement of the female suffrage, her family becomes the laughing stock of the whole village. Despite strong resistance, she manages to persuade the local women to leave their families and go on strike.


    This Swiss film was selected to open the 15th edition of Zagreb Film Festival and was awarded at the Tribeca Film Festival.